The Boston Deli Grill & Market

6231 E. 61st Street Tulsa, OK


The Boston Deli
Store Hours
Monday  11:00am - 3:00pm
Tuesday - Saturday 11:00am - 9:00pm
Closed on Sunday
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Community Reviews
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"Boston Deli sports one of the most diverse and impressive takeout markets in town. "
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Scott Cherry - World Scene Writer
Customer Testimonials
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"Where do I begin? It was earlier in the day in which the decision was made in agreement with my stomach, that a burger would satisfy my needs for nourishment. I began my search using my trusted colleague, Google. "The best burger in Tulsa" was my quest. Naturally I began with the first result. Curious and hungry, I followed the link without any fear of what results may follow. I knew I had to be brave. What happened next, cannot be explained in words. The image alone, arose goosebumps throughout my body. Immediately, I knew my meat craving destiny. I ventured through the website in which claimed to have housed the magical burger. Nothing was found. So it was in my best interest to communicate with this unheard of establishment. It was then where I finally found the name to which would soon be curing my oral fixation. The infamous BBQ BRISKET BURGER. It was a minor disappointment to learn that this extravagant creation would not be available for consumption until the evening commenced. It would be worth the wait, I just knew it. Hours later, I left to pursue my quest for eternal happiness. I knew the second I walked through the door, that that was the true definition of fate. A carb dealing angel who's name I believe to be Andrea, was ever so happy to be the one to present me with this beef blessing. It felt like eons waiting the short wait for my burger to be cooked to Godly standards. Then, the wait was over. And before I had the chance to stereotype Generation Y with uploading a picture of my meal to Instagram, the burger was already in my hands, making its way towards my mouth. Heaven. The flavor explosion was unmeasurable, I kid you not, chills ran down my spine. Never in my life have I tasted such righteousness, such joy, such complete tranquility. This has been the best day of my life. TO ALL MY FRIENDS, please, please, please, go and try out this majestically magnificent establishment. For you will learn the true meaning of life. The meaning of life, is a BBQ Brisket Burger, from The Boston Deli. I must go now, for it is time to spread the word and share this magic with the world."
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